Daily Rituals in Unusual Times

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Routine or intentional creation?

Powerful The Words We Speak.

Co-creating rituals for peace & harmony in unusual times.

The first 30 minutes of your day sets the tone.

Tip 1. Intention

Each morning we literally, are starting a fresh new day. We can drag leftovers with us or say goodbye to the old and create an exciting day for new possibilities.

The first 3o minutes is most fruitful if you want to create differently than last week, last month, or last year. The very moment you set an intention of appreciating what's ahead of you can make or break the outcomes. Dreading a day can sure keep the momentum for the entire day to keep getting worse. Setting your intention will change things up drastically.

Of course, challenging days happen through living. But not intended to drag them with you month after month.

Try saying these two words: Challenge/Adventure. Which one feels lighter?

For example, the word Challenge makes me want to put the breaks on and go back to bed.

It makes my stomach hurt, and my mind goes to unpleasant past events where I had to endure with no answers. It reminds me it's going to be hard, heavy, and gloomy.

The word Adventure, on the other hand, feels lighter and has a lot more possibilities. It feels like anything is possible to unexpectedly work out. I do not see a clear path yet but hopeful.

Look at events in your own life and the words you are speaking into your world.

However, this particular event did stir within me a new way of approaching conflict. Now I imagine my desired outcome with the word Adventure rather than the word Challenge. Then I thank the Universe for working the best possible outcome for all concerned and for clear solutions with easy resolve.

This approach has changed my life drastically for the better.

Tip 2. El Capitan Your Destiny

We are the captains of our own ships sailing the sea of life, but in times of stormy weather, you will discover true friends when they don't hesitate to be a lighthouse. Dodinsky

Pursuing what you desire and how you take these skills and surrender to the course you choose. Challenge vs. Adventure plays an essential roll in shifting outcomes.

It's a choice you take to start and finish the day. How do you perceive and receive all the information and other points of view to affect you? Is it your adventure to sail where and what you want to create more favorable outcomes? Have you given up on challenges?

Storms are challenging, some people thrive in them and love to create them for others.

If you don't have both hands on the wheel, directing, at best, you will be tossed around.

I use to jump up with a terrible beeping sound, make an herbal tea, preen, and be full of thoughts in my 20's. Today I wake at the time needed without an alarm and set an intention, sound out my two energy centers ( chakras ) and feel peaceful energy ripple through me then around the world and people in need of soft new outcomes.

What a major difference this change has made for beautiful pleasant outcomes.

Find the two chakra birth centers you were born with here

Do you have something that works for you and would like to share your comments?

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