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Happy Mother's Day

This coming weekend our country will honor Mothers on Mother's Day. Remembering the traditions passed forward from our Grandmothers to Daughters and Sons.

We take the first breath of life when separated from the safety of a mother's life force and born into a human experience. Wow... now it's time to explore the buffet of life and create a myriad of what brings fulfillment.

Mother's Day started as an anti-war movement to bring peace and unity worldwide for all the children's safety and well-being. A day of how to prepare food safely. ( before refrigeration ).

In a lifetime of Mother's, how many hours of prayer do you suppose goes out per day to her children and family to find favor and keep them safe in planes, trains, and cars. Prayer to be of good cheer, respect others and have an open heart. Love God and Country.

How many unspoken words go unsaid but are watched of how we treat others and conduct ourselves in daily situations.

Mothers will show you the best way they know-how with the situations before them.

In honor of your Mother and all Mothers around the world, we wish you a blessed and Happy Mother's Day!

An interesting article about Anna Jarvis and her cause for Mothers.

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