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Happy New Year From The Heart

2022 will bring a colossal of revelations from anything hidden from us or anything within yourself. Through the Cosmos, the power of love calls massive changes to the planet by eliminating all false energies with unconditional love. Not one organization will survive if its foundation isn't based on integrity and truth.

Love is the only thing you get more of if you give it away. We will watch the old energy-based organizations that take advantage of the consumer, instilling chaos crumble. These organizations will float to the surface like a cork to collapse, dissolve or reorganize for the New Age of Enlightenment. This consists of:

• Companies organized to take from you

• Structured organizations designed to push paper

• Some religious organizations

• School Systems

• Pharmaceutical Care disguised as Health Care producing disease, not cures.

As we enter the Golden Age, which brings love and contentment, we'll move further away from the distraction of chaos and fear from the 2020 global pandemic.

Keep your eyes wide open. A dynamic Golden Age is stirring the pot from enslavement into freedom. You have the opportunity to balance and heal yourself from anything if you rise and harness that power within you.

Let us not repeat 40 years of wandering in the desert as Moses did? That's what it took for him to lead his people out of the desert from enslavement patterns; it took a whole generation to correct their mindset. A generation accustomed to the limitations in a life of slavery and suffering.

2022=6 This brings a new blueprint of heart-based organizations helping humanity with cures and financial help for everyone to have a place they call home. Clean air, food, water, and projects. How about music, life skills, and arts back into public schools that create inspiration and Consciousness rather than memorization.

Hol-mahn's #6 means this year brings harmony, new directions, abundance, and passion in everything you choose to expand within yourself.

Hol-mahn's 6th Chakra in Hallái's Healing System brings strength in discovering true passion from the heart. It will stir within you new ways to love and nurture yourself.

Once found, Hol-mahn drives the spirit to accomplish positive changes:

• fulfillment

• inspiration

• forgiveness

• love without validation

Working just for wages, on auto-pilot despising what you do, will be a thing of the past.

Global Consciousness is the Golden Age connecting our heart and spirituality with the Earth. Whether you believe in Consciousness or Science, it's all based on Metaphysics.

Breathing is the vital life force of Prana. This energy flows through the body from various channels. Every breath we take is holy. Prana Breathing expands the autonomic nervous system to balance the body to perfection for our health and life experiences.

The Universe breaths out to connect us to the Earth's living life force. The fire, sun, clouds, Earth, air, and water elements balance our being. Our children know this until it's untaught. Let them know how beautiful and unique they are. Better yet, let them see you as connected to the source and beauty of Earth. We learn and observe how children teach us to connect and explore with love through their eyes and spirit.

For example, have you ever wondered; how the propagation of non-smelling flowers happened? If you smell a natural rose, they hold a high frequency of information from the source of God to the brain to remember and awaken memory within you.

I found a scraggly rose bush from a house I lived in, in the early '90s, with the most fragrant smell. I nurtured it and eventually had it climbing a trellis in the backyard. You could smell the fragrant radiant roses, through the breeze, from the front yard on windy days.

Young people often came to ask what fragrance I was using. You can buy an authentic fragrant rose bush; it will bless your home and yard and keep everyone happy. Or find a genuine rose bush in the country and ask for a clipping. Buy Heirloom Rose Bushes

Getting back to 2022=6, expanding the 6th Chakra called Hol-mahn ( heart ) will focus on loving and uniting the physical/spiritual chakra centers you are born with. Find out if you were born in a Hol-mahn year and how your two energy centers ( chakras ) will play a significant role in transforming you this year.

There are seven major chakra centers and five spiritual centers creating light from a higher level when activated. Altogether, there are 144 Chakras. Can you imagine what life could be like when humanity starts empowering light within the 12 chakras? Illumination and perfection will bring the very best into living from a frequency of love.

When twelve chakras align, they transmit and harness the perfection in our bodies to heal. The light body expands Consciousness at a higher level like the aromatic smell of an actual rose. This higher vibration of love is so intoxicating that you no longer be distracted by the nonsensical world that keeps you in the tailwinds of chaos.

These twelve chakras and heavenly rays open like flowers inside to assist your divine original blueprint in perfection. Mindful breathing in and out fills the lungs with the expanding love energy of Hol-mahn. This creates a heart and mind coherence in the brain consciousness like a telescope that sees far beyond the yard.

This offers the ability to see beyond illusions and partake in unconditional love to master the 12 chakras. No matter the noise in the world, inspiration, light-heartedness, and harmony are within you. Songs of the Chakras carry rhythmic, soothing sounds to release anxiety and stress. You can practice relaxed Prana breathing for meditation, stillness, and sleep.

Listen to samples or download the full Album or individual songs. Songs of the Chakras.

Attune to your gifts and skills of the two centers you were born into. Learn how Prana breathing aligns the 12 chakra centers expanding your talents and abilities beyond your current situation.


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