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Healthy Full Potential

What is full potential? How do you apply it in life and can you study for it?

Stepping into full potential is a wake-up call of mass awareness when discovering

you've limited life by your own conclusions. Conclusions that block your inspiration to what else is possible. I would liken this taking an undesirable job for the money, rather than realizing you can create what you really are inspired by.

When you take a back seat to life, it becomes a unfulfilling

way to living.

Just as our intellect is the library of past experiences rather than becoming the enlightened inspired ideas for life. Each of us are making a conscious choice of which side of the coin we decide to live.

Our Conclusions play out in life just as we've concluded it through our relationships, career or having joy and good health. Through our beliefs we play this game of life following our own script or the script others have written for you.

Creating what we desire plays out the way we see it!

Feeling good and balanced is the ultimate in reaching our full potential. We feel good and have more energy to excel beyond conclusions. Sounding the twelve chakra tones and feeling yourself lifting out of heavy feelings into a higher brighter light releases the shackles of the past hurts and stuck points of view.

Baylahr is an energy driving us to release limitations in 2021. 2021=5, and the 5th chakra that contains the wisdom that each of us is given the same ability to become our full potential. No one is greater or lesser. It allows you to know clearly that we are as deserving of and capable as another.

Therefore when activated we do not find ourselves in a constant state of comparison. We recognize that our soul's desire guides our choices with inspiration rather than the past library of the intellect.

"We don't see thing as they are, we see then as we are."

~Anais Nin

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