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Imagine Your Desire With Intent

Updated: Jul 7

Intent is the energy that drives the earth. It is why you are; it is your life force. How are you utilizing it? It's generally that big desire that tugs at your heart.

How do we initiate change within ourselves to make things happen? How do we then align with the ability to awaken oneness with the indwelling spirit?

How do we bring ourselves into full illumination to create beauty, joy, and more fun?

You must first have the understanding to begin to utilize the power of change and illumination of the spirit. Here you are offered 12 Essentials of Being. The information for each Essential is presented in three parts: The Energy Center, The Physical Body System with Indicators of Imbalance, and The Spiritual Precept.

Kayaking in the Bay
Do you have a desire for more Kayaking or something else?

The Energy Center is often referred to as a chakra. In this section, you will find a quick reference for the Primary Active Energy, the Musical Note, the Balancing Color, the Primary Balancing Essential Oil, the Location, Other Names, and Balanced Characteristics associated with the Essential. The centers are addressed utilizing their Atlantian designation.

Using the color, essential oil, and ”sounding the Atlantian designation in its musical note, further enhances awakening the soul’s remembrance. The more physical senses you utilize, the swifter your progress. This awakening begins the process that integrates your potential into the illumination of your being.

The Physical System is the body system of the Essential being brought into balance in your process of integration and illumination. A system is a collection of organs and structures sharing a common function. Organs and structures of a single system occupy diverse regions in the body and are not necessarily grouped.

Due to the diversified functions of the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System, they have been presented individually.

The Lymphatic System is integral to the Immune System, therefore they have been combined.

The Indicators of Imbalance for each Essential are given so you may recognize your body’s early warning system. When you begin to notice difficulties with the associated areas of the body you are asked to examine all aspects of the Essential for possible areas in need of attention.

Not all disease is solely a product of an Essential being out of balance.

Be aware of what you are doing. It is essential that you actively participate in your healing process and become aware of what you are doing. Whatever supplements you choose, become educated on their effects and uses.

If your child came to you with a hand full of drugs someone gave them, would you allow them to take them? Know what you are putting into your body, whether it is synthetic or natural. Not all natural products are safe in combination with other products. Carbon monoxide and crude oil are natural, but would you want to eat or drink them?

Some individuals may bring limitations and disease into their life due to unfinished learning experiences of past lives. Other individuals may choose to manifest limitation or disease to serve the growth of those around them. The individuals who make this choice are great gifts in our lives and true masters of unconditional love.

A Precept is defined as a spiritual, general rule of action-guiding your soul. They are spiritual guidance for physical action, much like parables. The precept becomes action, when you incorporate its principles into your thoughts, words, and deeds.

The Essentials are given in order, but as you begin to bring them into balance, you will find yourself vacillating from one to the other. Each Essential builds upon the other but they also move within each other.

The knowledge of the information of the Essentials is incomplete without your action.

When offered here the information exists only as a profession of love. It is only a vibration,

a concept in motion. It is only energy. Without the activation of these essentials within you, these words are but infertile seeds upon barren ground. Their purpose lies within your being. They can serve no one if they cannot be internalized and become balanced.

As you begin to work with each one individually, you begin to blend those aspects and qualities into the illumination and activation of your spirit.

This blending awakens your innate healing ability and prepares you to fully utilize your potential.

Book: Essentials OF Being

Do you have excitement or desire that makes you feel skipity do da?

Blessings to your creations,

Rhonda Etherton


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