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Inspired By Heart Wisdom

Preparing for what is to come. Inspired, integrity and no guilt are my watchwords for the energy of Halrai. Hal-rai prepares your spirit for what is to come. I received the 10th chakra Hal-rai the day I was born on June 7, nearly 63 years ago. When I was younger, I was unaware of how profoundly this unseen energy guided my choice.

Having made many wrong turns, I soon learned to follow the inner nudge I already knew. Listening to others and what they believed to be best for me cost me got me into a lot of trouble when I went against myself.

March 2022 integrates the 10th Chakra Halrai into the Earth. Hal-rai is the bridge that enables you to touch into wisdom and carry you to wise choices. The ego is a powerful force; when it loses focus, it breaks the connection to Hal-rai inspired by wisdom, and the ego goes forward at all cost. By bringing your ego into harmony, Hal-rai acts as your guide, which helps you to accomplish great things. Hal-rai is the compass of your ship, and your spirit is your captain. Prayer can be a powerful tool to integrate into your life. Prayer keeps the ego in check. Learn the messages Hal-rai and Hol-mahn bring to merge, obtaining a recommitment of your spirit and heart into every choice for fulfilling blessings in your life.

With Big T Truths, you gain courage, change, and wisdom to create modifications for your highest and best possibility. Clarity and creative possibilities change the world we see.

Then join me on Zoom at 7:00 pm Wednesday, March 16, for a new reality with choices from the heart.

A conscious collection of like-minded people - creating a community of integrity!


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