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Intent Can Create Or Destroy

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

When negative thoughts arise within you, decisions become reactive, made in haste, and without apparent consideration. With Si-ah awakened, you can filter through thoughts and feelings and distinguish which ones are true and false. You then are motivated by this Essential to discard any concerns or emotions that prohibit you from making choices for improvement. Si-ah acts much like the gold-miners pan that swirls away from the water of emotion and dirt of falsity, exposing the golden nuggets of truth.

Once a thought or feeling is recognized as not serving or honoring your life, Si-ah can transform its energy. This transformation allows the power of the negative to begin to reinforce what is truth. Once the thought or emotion has no control over you, its energy is absorbed into what truth is.

When Si-ah releases the negative power, it retains the pure energy within itself, acting as a storehouse until the energy is needed. When the physical body becomes endangered by imbalance or disease, Si-ah uses this energy as a warning system and begins to alert the senses. Si-ah also assists in choosing what words of others hold the truth in our life. It is essential that helps us release statements not based on fact.

Comments that try to convince us we will never make anything of ourselves or are not capable or worthy do not affect us when Si-ah actively participates in our lives. It transforms the falsities and empowers the truth, enabling us to recognize the wisdom within ourselves to make clear choices.

Affirmations are positive tools in awakening the energy of Si-ah and something as simply singing when you are frightened. The joy activated in both techniques increases our ability to recognize how unproductive it is to remain in the grasp of fear or doubt.

The essential oil Citrus Aurantium moves through your senses to awaken you to Si-ah’s existence to clear the obstacles of physical, mental, and emotional toxins that distance you from fully utilizing its energy.

The speed at which Si-ah vibrates is the same as the musical note of D#. Utilizing that tone calls the sense of hearing into experiencing Si-ah’s energy and increases the body’s ability to recognize its abundant energy when doubt and fear no longer rules.

The final months of 2021 will be well worth it to release what no longer works, bringing abundance, calm, and joy into all you choose to live by.

Next year 2022, year of Hol-mahn and the heart, brings the nurturing spirit of love for humanity and projects to help our brothers and sisters around the world. Get ready to receive the Golden Age of Love.

Siah Body Nutrient is a combination of essential citruses, rosemary, vetiver, rosewood, and lavender blended with your spiritual chakra center releases of the final residue of doubt, fear, and immune imbalances that boost a healthy body and mind.

Essentials of Being : A journey of 12 powerful chakras and how they will affect your deepest part. Your higher self is always guiding you to alignment with the gifts and talents born within.

Siah offers abundant energy to accomplish health -vitality and energy!

Discover your two chakra energy centers:

Blessings of health for October,

Rhonda Etherton


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