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Love Yourself Through Resistance

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

There are only two things you can do with your life. Move forward or standstill.

You cannot move backward. It is an impossible motion, but you can stand still and become stagnant. Standing still is when we choose not to evaluate or recognize whereupon a path we are. Life can get messy when living in stagnant waters and quarantine.

Clearing stagnant energy & balancing your network is like a car tune-up. Clear the sludge and rebalance the tires and fluids is like clearing chakras and meridians. This reboots the body and emotions so nothing sludgy sneaks its way back into your life. Positive sparks reboot the internal network.

Don't let the best part of your insightful, joy get hijacked into the quarantine blahs! Creativity and passion call us forth to explore a remarkable life and have fun, even in the midst of 2020.

Moving beyond the quarantine blahs!

So What Do I do?

1. Love more and choose life. Do you crave forward movement without the pressure you currently are experiencing? Have you spiritually grown out of the old familiar life but family tradition and the scarcity of joy and passion have locked you into, This is the way it is? What if these feelings are ready to break out of limitation jail, into the freedom of expression and passion not governed by fears and doubt or someone else's point of view about you?

2. So let's get focused on what you secretly desire. Suffering through pain will only cement all future experiences for more of the same with blame and frustration. Remember you decide to choose or not choose joy and a life of creativity and passion.

3. Let's Get started

Start to journal everything you can think of that make you laugh. Movies, books, people.

• Who in your life do you feel comfortable with and not judged by?

• Where would you like to go that you haven't been yet. Set an intention for it and a date with others that would like to go as well.

So what else is possible? Did you know daily daydreaming shows to expand your conscious awareness for new creative opportunities and possibilities? Writing it down also creates it.

The Universe has a unique way to conspire with you and assist in new solutions to old problems. New perspectives in your thoughts show up, and the light draws you into something you never dreamed possible! "Mastering The Self " is what Sages and Ascended Masters call this.

Many of us are born with sensitivity to energy and what we feel from others. It's essential to recognize what's your thoughts or someone else's. When old patterns start to release, feeling lighter can seem weird at first until the resistance gives way to the light. Thoughts and feelings will assist as your own private navigator to show something is wrong or inspiring. These insights never lie. They come to you for a reason and act as a guide to help you navigate through choices to experience what you desire.

When you decide to surrender to feeling light and not fear, a shift starts happening within you. Claim your sovereign being each day; "Everything is always working out for me!"

Honoring you attracts others who also found freedom beyond limitations into the space of being authentic and real, no matter what has happened.

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