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Mary - Sister of Lazarus

A cycle of great transformation is in your time as it was in my days.

You are blending the divine masculine and feminine - a symbol of heart and mind.

The Symbol of the V represents the feminine; upside-down V, the masculine, when joined, makes the Star of David—balancing the feminine heart with the masculine mind. Bridging t balance is part of what brings the Conscious Christ of being that allows you to have balance and the power of creation within you. The ability to co-create your life with joy.

Shifting of this power within you is guarded and maintained by the Angels until the initiatory process begins.

Your year 2022 is expanding hearts in appreciation for what's coming into light—a return of sacred ways of the Earth. Your Earth has grown out of balance with much that distract you. Humanity bears witness to these changes, which offers fear of letting go of the past and what you have known.

For the Earth is designed to give you the freedom to choose what brings enjoyment. So choose enjoyment of family and friends, select enjoyment of your skills each day.

Everything you feel you have lost by choosing joy will be multiplied back to you. People will also choose a path laced within fears, laced within hardship and scarcity because - these beautiful souls have chosen a path to quicken their soul's growth.

End of message.

Here are some tips to help us remember our divine nature during this change!

Remember Your Divine Nature:

• Spend quiet time in your sacred space to listen and feel the love all around you.

If you don't feel it, ask for it, it comes.

• Release your judgments and love yourself.

• You are in the right place; your being has chosen to be here.

• You are love, and you are loved.

• The Universe is always working on your behalf.

You are blending the sacred heart and mind with profound clarity into your gifts, skills, and talents from the comfort of home.


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