Meditation Creates Clarity

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

In order to access the power of real change, we must acknowledge our responsibility for allowing ourselves to be victorious in our creation. This expression starts to rise from within you as you become aware you are the co-creator of everything happing in your life.

Whether it's a good experience or a challenging one, there is defiantly awareness and soul's growth going on. Sometimes old contracts must be finished in love and not anger so you can move forward with bright and new confident energy in a new story and chapter for your growth.

What if everyone in your life is playing their role in your production for your behalf ? Your part is to be aware of the golden opportunity taking place to really get it this time to love and approve of yourself for just being you.

I've learned through my own painful experiences to realign the whole of my being before reacting to anything I might regret later. Unless you've messed with my children Mamma bear can surface and I can grow a set of claws that I had no idea would come forth.

In 1998 I went through a significant transformation after having my last child at 39. I started to meditate again and connect to my alpha state of mind that helped me connect to my higher self and a host of new guides. It all took me to the ruins of Tulum and wanting some more in-depth answers. The Hallái healing system came forth as it had been used in many civilizations before to help heal and expand the light within. That's a wild story for another time.

Through words, we manifest the ability to lift or tear another down. In a world of great possibilities, I recognize we forget to wield the life we want and become subject to other choices and paths for us. When the love of your spirit is active, it becomes your guide in every new decision. Life gets calmer and better, even more fun with supportive connections.

Meditations and mantras of the two energy centers your were born with through your Birthday give strength to brighten your light for more clarity in everything you do and want. This turns into a knowingness, like annoying issues, trauma, or chaos seem not make a beeline to your door any longer. Life becomes calmer, more joyful, and you don't to get caught up in any drama yours or anothers

Taa Daa, now that's what I'm talking about when you create more harmony.

Meditation connects to your higher self and wields to you in the stillness more clarity, new inspirations and vibrant health and energy that brings enligntenment.

Find your physical and spiritual centers here.

Set up a time for a free 15 min. energy analysis if you drained and uninspired.


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