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Reclaim Self Mastery

When 11th Chakra Hal-mard is out of balance, you have difficulty making clear choices toward change that empowers your soul. The brain cannot receive information and make choices appropriately without its connection to the body via the spinal cord.

We cannot make empowering choices to change without our connection to divine inspiration. Just as the thalamus maintains the body’s conscious awareness, Hal-mard maintains our awareness of divine inspiration.

With Hal-mard out of balance our thoughts become clouded and our judgment impaired. We may begin to have difficulty seeing what is truly there physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The inability to believe or trust in your ability or alignment with the mind of God comes from a feeling of separateness. Feeling that you are not worthy of being a part of God.

We seek union with groups of people in an attempt to remind us that we are part of a bigger whole. We are not sure what it is we are looking for. Many times as we join clubs, churches or groups, we understand the need for associating with others as filling that void of belonging. Possibly in this act we are seeking a remembrance of the union of spirit that we all have through the mind of God.

Communion with Spirit is an absolute necessity as we enter into this age. Jesus illustrated with the communion he shared with the disciples. You have communion in remembrance of the union you have with the mind of God.

You continue this communion so that you might not fear for the words that you would speak but allow yourself to receive the words through the Spirit. For we seek reunion with the love that we left within the heart of God and can only achieve it through realignment with the mind of God. Remember your body, remember your blood, remember your life, your true life which exists within the heart and mind of God. It is a gathering of love and light which is within all of creation.

Sounding the word of Halmard opens the expansion and conscious awareness.


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