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Restoring Your Inner-Net

We are in a constant state of broadcasting energy from the living library of our thoughts, experiences, and imprints within our 12 energy centers, also known as Chakras. These 12 centers can refresh and reset to connect to deeper conscious awareness of who you are, rather than who you were 20 years ago.

Imagine when you go through a transition, your cells are waiting for you to give them new instructions on how to amp up the frequency to support you on the continum of a new

journey. A network of energy ready and waiting for you to open the awareness to ignite passion and drive in directions that help you.

However, our humanness can get hardwired into hardships, scarcity, and old habit patterns from harsh human experiences. When consciousness gets frozen into unwanted yet familiar habits, you're set in a cycle of repeat it until you become aware of it.

When your spiritual energy reunites with the whole of you, clarity and deep consciousness set you on a path of creating what you want to experience with peaceful harmony.

You are born with two major energy centers that bring the genius and talents of you into the spotlight. Find yours here by adding up your Birthday.

When you realize you're the orchestrator of everything around you, you can't blame anyone any longer for your course in life. Your soul may have needed the experience to release barriers and start achieving what you desire by focusing on what brings you joy.

• surrender to your outcomes and observe how they feel

• learn a meditation practice and let go of constant mind-chatter

Each vortex of the 12 energy centers holds valuable information from your living library of experiences. Now is the time for a smooth transition to heal the light within you and go for what you want. The energy around and about you and within you is waiting for you!

Going through a transition in your life and feel tired of feeling stuck? Energy clearing and a tune-up is an excellent place to begin and reset your 12 energy centers.

The Book: Essential Of Being: a journey to heal through the 12 energy centers


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