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Seeds Of Change Come June

The emergence of the 7th Chakra is communication and trusting your inner voice and guidance. The law of light lies within to show you the unique gifts born only to you. As you allow it to unfold and develop, you make the shift; to Trust the awareness inside of you. Once you embrace this vibration, it never leaves you. Only you leave you to hear the noise and beliefs in the world.

Tolmahr is the ancient Essene word for the 7th Chakra "I celebrate my voice."

The power of the spoken word brings into creation what you have created by your thoughts and comments.

• Calls forth your will into positive choices

• Removes fear of speaking forth and recognizes the validity of

others' words

• Chooses words that build instead of destroying

• Guides the choice of expression into paths that resolve problems

• Controls the use of personal will over the choices of others

• Recognizes truth in all of creation and directs its simple use

in all actions

• Begins the birth of manifestation into physical existence

• Refocuses the priorities to Divine will over the will of the ego

The thyroid is one of the master glands, and if it produces either too much or too little thyroxin, severe life-threatening disorders may result.

Just as the endocrine system can call forth tremendous power from the body, Tol-mahr calls forth the power of the will.

When Tol-mahr, which the Endocrine System rules, is out of balance, you find yourself trapped in situations limiting your freedom.

One of the most spiritual systems of the body is Tolmahr. It's an antenna or receiver of information and why meditation helps move you from the ego brain into the receiver of intuitive intelligence. Removing fluorides and aluminum products from your life will allow the pineal gland to recalibrate over time. I recommend a good detox.

Are you using Hallái Body Nutrients? You are already detoxing your blood from these harmful sabotaging ingredients.

When truth sets you free, it empowers you to know what you know, and your spiritual gifts explode as the old programming feels too heavy and leaves. Do you want to be right or be in high intuitive awareness?

May Truth not shock you, but awareness embrace you! A month of Tolmahr brings gifts of discernment. If something isn't true within you or in the world around you, it will come out of darkness and into the light. Transformation is the key this June.

May your world be full of light, love, and joy this month.

Plant a garden full of good abundant veggies. It makes for a healthier you come this


We invite you to join us for a meditation and increase your awareness of how Tolmahr works to expand your intuition and spiritual gifts.

Healing Meditation June 8 & 22 for Tolmahr

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