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Soul Creation: aligning inner guidance with new possibilities.Feb. 6th 11:00 am

When we are active and living from Grace, you become in awe of the possibilities that show up better than what you could perceive. It's not something anyone explained or taught me. I've read about grace but didn't grasp the full effects of what grace really meant.

When your in a place of not knowing or have an answer, you can begin to poll the masses for information. You learn quickly that there are as many opinions as people who are willing to give them. When you need to check with everyone before making a decision it's an indicator your 5th chakra Baylahr is totally out of sync.

Baylahr the 5th Chakra in the Hallái Healing System is located just below the rib cage. When it's active and aligned with you, it creates an ability to recognize your own wisdom, intuition, and how to trust you no matter how many points of view you've collected. You realize deep within a feeling of peace and lightness that your on the right path or have decided on the best decision for your path.

Balanced Characteristics of Baylahr:

2021 = 5th Chakra Baylahr ( solar plexus chakra )

• Lifts you from limitation

• Renews freedom of the soul

• Stimulates choices that create positive results for yourself and others

Think about what else is possible; how many possibilities are there for a room in color, floor covering, ceiling, and lighting?

I've had the pleasure to meet and know several Bay-Lahr's. My best managers and friends were born with the 5th energy center.

Advanced Baylahrs are organized and take on the role of leaders. You'll find them running and owning their own successful companies or in charge of something with ease and grace.

It comes naturally for them to head up a team and lead. The world has not yet achieved the ability to exist fully in the energy of grace. Grace and self-confidence are an expression of a person unlimited by the illusions of the earthly experience.

There is an insight within to Go Out And Live your expression and experience it. There is no right or wrong. It becomes a GOAL to experience. We have much we can learn if you are graced with Baylahr activated and living from the freedom of our soul.

With Baylahr activated within you, it guides you to choices that best serve your desires without harming another. You listen to it; it feels light and right. It's a knowingness without words that gently guides you to live inspired and in joy. Grace is the umbrella that keeps you protected from craziness and harsh events.

Inspired ideas come with ease when living without any conclusions of what has always happened from the past.

We hold compassion and understanding of another's needs and opens you to something new while experiencing where the path leads you.

You are gently guided on applying the best decisions at the right timing for positive results. You can feel it and act upon it when you learn to master this with ease and grace. Study the Baylahr in your family or friends. Watch and learn how they achieve what they desire.

We have a year to embody the energy of what Baylahr can show us. How does this affect our lives personally? Will this shake you to your core and guide you into new directions?

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