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Spiritual Awareness & Nimahn

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

What is this feeling I get deep within my stomach? This is where the energy of Nimahn

( 4th energy center or chakra ) resides.

How many of us feel the workings of Nimahn as a warning system that a change is about to occur. The feeling of anticipation is Nimahn's way to alert you of change. Nimahn will set into motion the energy to balance that change.

Many will not allow the free expression of this Essential and find themselves fearful into old patterns and prisoners in their own world. In many severe cases when this has been obstructed, ulcers and agraphobia develop.

For each individual there exists exciting and challanging opportunities in life. Opportunities to expand ourselves and embrace possibilites and grow into joyous relationships and careers. Untill we develop and utilize the power stored in this essential, we will hesitate or become fearful and the opportunity passes us by.

Nimahn Benefits:

• Releases the need for conformity

• Renews independence of spirit

• Opens the self to new social experiences

• Drives us to change our life where necessary

As we are growing up we may encounter a teacher or coach that we feel is pushing us too hard by asking us to do things we don’t feel we can. If we are unable to draw on the energy of Nimahn we become angry and frustrated instead of recognizing that they may see a potential within us that we are not aware of.

Nimahn feeds you with the ability to try. To attempt to discover if this is an area where you may excel in life and find great joy.

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