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Sunrise Contemplations on Divine Timing

When we truly desire to expand love and light in all things we seek, love finds its way to to entice you like a spectacular sunrise filling your eyes with transcendent beauty. We can shift into a state of nirvana and tranquility, and all things come into balance and get revealed in serendipitous timing. A problem that arises, is to waver that it's coming!

If fear comes in and plants a seed, it can take you down a long corridor of what could happen. Your mind can keep you hostage to the worse case scenario until you wiggle your way back into the light of creating. Remember, darkness only knows its last victory with you. Light remembers the spirit of you.

Refocus and hold onto to what brings contentment, and feed the beauty and feeling of peace.

Feed the precious moments that fill you up, rather than the moments that feed you fear. As we master the art of calm, peace energy expands to create the most benevolent outcomes for unexpected surprises.

Joy comes straight from the heart. It's not a process from the mind, but a feeling that grows friendlier every moment you recognize joy and receive it. Each time you utilize joyful feelings, more cheerful moments show up, in conversations with people and events. In a flash it uplifts your spirit to create more of it. It is your clue to know the power of your spirit is strengthening to be the creator in your life experience.

Now you become the magnet that draws your heart and soul-driven opportunities to you to be illumined before they show up on your path. When you begin to receive higher frequency energy, it rubs off into everything you touch, and to the ones you love in your tribe.

Pick a lane and decide where to draw the line. Do you make decisions from fear or love?

A loving wise being said: "You cannot put new wine in an old wineskin.

" The Wine is a covenant - the Wineskin is your being.

Are you being called to prepare for more of your talents and contributions? When opportunity meets preparedness, divine sparks fly. Wisdom becomes knowingness that sweeps in and starts arranging brilliant outcomes ahead of you and assist you on your path.

12 Essentials assist integrating your spirit and physical creative intuition.

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