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The Game Changer Year For Freedom, Liberty, or Security.

Fifty-six men of means and firm faith lived up to the pledge that hot summer day in Philadelphia. They had a life of wealth and ease with a burning desire for Freedom and Liberty rather than Security. They were willing to risk it all. They were not terrorists or irresponsible they had everything to lose and pledged their fortunes and lives. They paid the price so Freedom could be born.

The British captured five of the fifty-six men and toured them before killing them. The homes of twelve men were looted, ransacked, and burned from Charleston to Rhode Island. One of the men lost two sons in the Army, and nine died from the war.

One night, John Hancock stood outside the terrible war and said Burn Boston though it makes John Hancock a beggar if the public good requires it.

Remember, they pledged their lives and fortunes so that Freedom could be born.

If you don't know your History or teach it, time goes by, and a generation forgets and repeats itself again and again.

Likewise, we are in uncharted waters today in the United States.

The Fourth of July of 2022 came in with a double heart in Holmahn ( sixth Chakra called Holmahn) Two hundred and forty-six years later. 246=12, which is the twelfth Chakra Hallái.

The timeline of 246 years is Hallái of the highest order and Holmahn with the opening to the power of love. No way around this, my friends. You will be required to love everything you do or lose it and create again from what truly matters to you.

This month and next should be exciting and life-changing for the rest of the year. Out of darkness into the higher dimensions of light! We are in a time of living from the heart, not resting on those laurels. Pay attention, and be a contribution to humanity.

How do you want to serve, knowing what you do best? Living from fulfillment and not fear.

Cheers to our forefathers who had the tenacity to risk it all and come out of fear for Liberty!



1776 = 22; very interesting if you follow the Chaldean ancient number system of Hallái to find your Chakra's strength and talents.

Go here to calculate yours.

Holmahn Year:

246 years of the signing of the Declaration of Independence = 12

"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye"H. Jackson Brown Jr.

"If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment. "– Carlos Santana


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