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Escape To An Uncrowded Paradise

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The 9th chakra gives you clarity and helps you find your true path. Vi-mahn can take you there. Escape to an uncrowded paradise within. The energy of the 9th chakra Vi-mahn moves through April. It will bring up your life's unresolved issues. It doesn't need to be painful, just acknowledged for closure.

It may feel uncomfortable when the past bubbles to the surface. The past of any form of pain is the wisdom learned.

April is Vi-mahn and Hol-mahn's ( heart 6th chakra) time to reveal all that no longer serves you. Take a deep breath and look inward for what is surfacing? Truth is unraveling for you so you can have a final release party. The Universe is always working on your behalf. Don't resist what is showing up. Be the observer and step into all the aspects showing you truth.

Vi-mahn, the 9th chakra, is creative clarity and how to recognize your most apparent path. Passing through April will open your path even wider.

Clarity will assist you in a variety of ways when you align with this powerful light center. Balancing Vi-mahn is a quick way to release residue.

Vi-mahn Body Nutrients are essential oils that decalcify the pineal gland. These essentials combined are another way to remove years of blockage and emotional toxins. Seeing more clearly are the results.

Welcome to being on the leading edge of clarity!

The power of love will gently hold the door open and invite you to a beautiful journey of discovering your clearest path.

Delight yourself in 100% organic coconut and essential oils of Jasmine, bergamot, and lime. Open your third eye and recognize your clearest path. Perhaps best of all, you'll feel the freedom of closure of your past and move into clear knowing of the right choice for you.

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