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Transitioning Into Greater Enlightenment 2023

Updated: Jan 29

The Hallai healing system helps you to understand what no longer works in your life. New choices assist us with accelerating wisdom within our innate rather than knowledge from the mind-the end of the old ways of separation of acquiring more money and status. The breeding of knowledge started before Kindergarten.

It began with pleasing parents and peers to do what is needed to be accepted-perhaps not to get spanked, yelled at, or placed in a corner. Many learned not to speak up because the belt was too painful to experience again. This way of training can force us to hold feelings in and becoming a victim starts to blossom with frustration of not being heard or speaking your truth when you have something to share.

2023=7 Tol-mahr is capable of eliminating the fear that prohibits us from speaking.

(color: blue throat chakra)


The 7th Essential Chakra in the Hallái healing system is a powerful friend that helps us receive information from the heart. When the essential Tol-mahr is operating clearly, it awakens our ability to wisely and effectively choose our words.

This wisdom comes from the Divine within to create joy and positive experiences in our life.

7th chakra Tol-mahr is the key to unlocking that potential. We are growing into a higher frequency over the past three years to come into a revolutionary time of living from our spiritual nature, which is calm, joyful, and peaceful.

A major conscious shift is happening for inner peace. If one doesn't have inner peace now,

it will be sought after with new options this year. The kingdom resides within us. As you tap into it more you will want to prepare your body with more live plant foods from the Earth.

A garden is by far the best energetic way to support your light body. You will receive support from the Earth energetically from your piece of land and feel so much lighter than GMO's or products not from your state.

The Schumann Resonance is the Heartbeat of the Earth-it shows the consciousness of our planet moving higher. Collectively it has been raising our consciousness to a higher frequency working with more heart energy.

For many, the old 3D energy has worked for years, yet the same old frequency way is no longer working very smoothly. Make peace with that; the Earth and long walks bring the answer straight to you.

As a species, we now have reached the point where it's not just about me, but what is ideal for us-the we.

If you have been learning the tones, you recognize how they create more of your light body. It clears yourself of baggage and ill health to become enlightened on navigating this new frequency of love and peace, no matter what chaos is out there.

Your heart will shadow itself when fear looms about. Your good intentions from the heart will bypass any fear because it can't stand to be in the same room with love. It takes practice, and it will be achieved like concurring your first bicycle ride.

Now is the time to stay diligent in balancing and clearing the Essentials of your being so that you may achieve new joyful inspirations and healing any emotions this year.

The choice is yours. But if you so choose, enter into the discovery of The Essentials of Being,

the glorious journey into the person you are known to be.

Find your Essential birth centers here.

Schedule a complemetary consultation.

Do you want to learn how the Hallái healing system clears your heart and brings clarity, health, and peaceful calm? Starting February 7 & 21 at 7: 30 pm Beginner Meditation and clearing.

Learn how each 12 essentials work with clear the body to expand more renewed clarity.


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