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Workers of Light, You Have Been Called

As you enter onto the Celebration of a changing year and season, it's time to gather all that does not serve you. A time to cast it aside, to clear the past and clear the ground for new growth to begin. Clear them so that you may have room for much growth, for it shall be accelerated time of awakening the truth that lies within you.

You will feel it as the light increases upon the face of the Earth, not only from your sun, but also the sun within you, the light that shines forth that brings change, joy and illumination.

For you are the potential for change. In your choosings, let them be always guided and directed by the Power of Light and Love within you.

As you step fully upon the path of your Soul, your Spirit, your Purpose that you brought into this life so you can experience and bring it into being. No matter how small a task or how small an act, when you use it more will be given unto you.

Whether it be through a prayer, an affirmation or actual deed or speaking that which you desire to grow within yourself brings clarity. Insure for yourself you do not focus upon any aspect of fear, doubts or shadow in any manner. For you are creating your next moment. Let your moments be filled with Joyfulness for those you appreciate, those you have learned from and those moments you want to bring forth to experience.

It has been a time of unsettlement and unrest but do not look upon it as a burden for it is a great Blessing that is brought to you.

To be able to bring forth from within yourself and deep within the heart of Creation, the Power of Change and the Power of Renewal. Utilize it when the moment comes, that opportunity to renew all that brings you Joy! To renew all that exist in the Light of Love and Truth, and to bring it into being, to nurture it and step forward.

Take the time to clarify that which you desire to bring into being, use the time to allow yourself to become clear and complete. Allow your Spirit to guide you, for it shall reveal many truths. You have the tools necessary to bring forth that new life from within you, the new life of your spirit that has been waiting for your willingness to bring it forth.

For in questions lie the answers. Seek not the answers to a questions, seek that which resolves what is perceived to be the problem.

Open your hearts, open your spirit, open the chamber within you to receive, and in that receiving, awaken and allow your illumination to shine forth.

• Free Soul Creation Webinar February 6, 11:00 am

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