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You Are the Source of your Creation.

Do you feel like you want to show up more fully for yourself ? Confidently standing in your knowingness with the feeling of taking on new possibilities can feel uncomfortable. Remaining the same and not investing in yourself to what else you are capable of is worse, but what you don't know won't hurt you right? This month brings many changes to add more light to everything you do.

The Universe is always working on your behalf to get your attention. What are you broadcasting in your life, career and relationships? If it's negative you will draw more negative people and events. It can get really uncomfortable when your choices have not been clear as a deliberate conscious creator.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. Now take a deep breath in and ask yourself a question:

1. Are my friends, family and co-workers empowering people? Are they capable of changing the world and inspiring the people around them with the energy to believe in themselves and be inspiring? 

If not, you want to change up a few things in your life because you can't stay in the same talk with the same group of people in the same stuck and expect different results. You want a new set of tools, mantras and conversations with those who inspire you and empower new choices with different points of view that feel good and right on. LIke the hair rising on your arm or tingles up your back when you hear the truth.

December embodies the energy of Eiahn the ancient name for the first chakra energy center

in the Hallái healing system. Eiahn blends your physical reality with your spiritual being while learning how to be in harmony with changes in the energy you feel. It's an awareness of your physical body and how it appears, in balance or imbalance. It is an awareness of how you interact with your physical surroundings and spiritual beliefs to create fulfillment in harmony and dropping all the chaos and negativity that makes more chaos.

If your not familiar with energy flows, it becomes difficult for you to allow that flow, or to activate it within you. When you seek in prayer you always have time to ask, demand and perhaps beg but you don't notice the response back to you from spirit. If your mind is busy all the time you won't recognize the answers when they show up for you. Awareness is the key that you didn't notice before.

Meditation is appropriate to become aware of spiritual energies and begin to blend them into your physical life. Sounding and toning your Hallái Energy Centers creates a higher vibration around you to release imbalances that don't work for you any longer.

• Do you feel, hear, sense, just know or are you a visionary? Start 2020 with new tools for clarity and new insight and the style that works best for you in meditation.

When I started meditation in the 80's, I realized I had been meditating when I was outdoors or right before bed. I just didn't call it meditation it was my time to reflect and pray. It's the most exhilarating moment when you realize your answers are coming back to you in arrangements that can be so orchestrated and profound you absolutely know it's from your Angels, Spirit, or God from all of creation.

Once I started sharing my ideas people would call and ask if I could help them. They are many ways and styles and you'll discover what's best for your personality.

January Clear Mind Meditation 4 week course - Empower 20202

You'll also get bonuses like

• Fast track to quiet mind-chatter.

• Learn what's your clear Yes and No answers for quick decision making.

• Do you feel, hear, sense, just know or visionary?

• How to effectively ask for guidance

• Learn what energy centers empower your health and money mindset.

I am ready for Change:

Let's schedule a time to see if this if for you and avoid the back and forth of finding a time?


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