Are you exhusted from Not living in the success you desire? Worried about being alone or in relationships that no longer honor you? We will dive deep into how you are showing up for you? 

Want to finally accomplish what you've longed for in a fulfilling career and the right relationships for you?

You can have all of it, it's time for an upgrade to a new set of tools and insights to move you forward with more ease for your successful outcomes.


• Over the next 3-months you'll have one on one guidance to retrain the brain to break repetitive patterns that show up from past experiences.

•  Learn when to claim your creative side for successful outcomes when going through career and relationship challenges.

• Align the whole of you with abundance of support and awareness that moves you forward to get what you want faster.

• Each month you will receive a body essential elixer from one of the 12 Hallái Body Nutrients essential for your progress.

• Six private healing body processes that heal 

• 3 private 30 minuets call each month to gain more clarity as you are elevating your personal frequency mindset

• Essentials of Being Book: helps you to understand how to utilize the energy you were born to become 

3 Month Strategy Breakthrough

  • Ask - How's my life working now? What else is possible and what could I be choosing? 

    How much longer can you afford to wait creating the same thing over and over again, thinking it will change? Can you imagine you have this amazing ability to be creating what you really want?


an art of self healing

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