The spiritual life and the roles of the Ascended Masters hierarchy bring a wealth of knowlege to assist with everyday life. Council Of Golden Light are the 12 overseers of the Earth.

Saint Germain's teaching in the Great Light Brotherhood of Ascended Masters offer
Prayer Decrees, Mantras and Healing Meditations
PDF / video / meditation 

Ascended Master Courses

Master Metaphysicians
  • St. Germain: Master of the Violet Flame, and the I AM star seeds - Chohan of the Seventh Ray and hierarch of the Aquarian age. 


     El Morya: Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood. The Chohan (Lord) of the First Ray of God's Will. He assist governments in successful movements. Assist in new endeavors on the path of light.


    Hilarion: high priest of the Temple of Truth. Truths of Oracle of Delphi and the Brotherhood of Crete. Chohan of the 5th Ray prosperity-science-mastery. 

    Yeshua ben Yosef : Christ Consciousness and the way of mastery with the I AM presence.

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