12 Bath Nutrients can be blended for optimal health. Benefits: Relax and Detox 3 Tablespoons
• Detox organs and cellular activity• Recalibrate nervous energy to calm• sleep • shift to higher frequency bands where disease cannot exist. Grecian Sea Salts - magnesium - spun light for color and 12 essential oils. Supports 12 Chakras and energy clearing for the mind body spirit.
Winter Immune Salts : popular during cold months as a flu buster.

Hal-lai Bath Nutrients

Sea Salt Bath Nutrient
  • You will receive an air tight 1 lb bag. Remove from bag and add to a glass jar for ultimate potency. 3 times per week 3 heaping tablespoons in bath or 2 tablespoons in foot bath.

    16 years and under 1 heaping teaspoon in bath is all that is needed for perfect results. 

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