Do you feel like you have drifted apart and guessing what your child is up to and why they are avoiding you? If you are looking for new ways to communicate, lets scheduale a few mins and see if this is a fit for you and your teen.  Ready to empower you and your child? Your child is smart and most likley sensitive.  Are you listening or projecting? They are looking for ways to communicate with you. Let's help you find the sweet spot for allowance to hear one another and be the contribution you both desire and deserve for lasting loving results. They need you as a parent.

What if you’re not wrong? What if that longing for happiness and greater possibility is actually an awareness that something more is available for you both? What if you’ve known it all along and just forgot how to access it?

Are you in allowance for a different point of view to create better communication with you and your teenager?

• group family session

• individual 

• work and career findings

• new ways to communicate 


Life Changes • Marriage Guidance Counselor • Addiction • PTSD  • Career Guidance • Communication guidance  Recommend  3 sessions 

Conscious Parenting

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