Benefits 12 Energy Center Hallái

This is the foundation of conscious awareness and trusting ones self
Benefits include:

• antiseptic 

• antiviral 

• bactericide for assisting immune support

• facial and body serum

Opens you to divine source energy and connection.  Blend with Siah to fortify and balance your immune system. Add to any other formula to fortify clearing toxins out of the body and add more boost to the immun system.

Immune Support

Hallai Body Nutrient
  • Hal-lai Body Nutrients are oils essential to health and and immune system functions. Essential for autoimmune and lymph clearing.
    Angelica and 5 other essential oils open the stellar gateway to higher wisdom, also known as Hal-lai the 12th energy center.

    Nutrients support a healthy face after cleansing or a shave. 

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