Honor the wisdom and talents you have! 

We don't always acknowledge our intuition and creativity on a soulful level, let's face it, we're busy helping everyone else. All the ways we multi-task in our family and community we still doubt our worth as a mother, wife, employee or boss.

As women, we have special abilities for compassion, as mothers we know something is wrong with a particular cry from your child.

Have you traveled a different route to work just because it just felt right?  Later you find a wreck or a fatality on your road normally traveled and find it was blocked for 4 hours. Where did the instinct to change routes come from? Ever have something like that happen to you?


Yes, you're smart, successful, capable, work hard and you've got it all together. 

But inside you know you can trust more. For the last 20 years I've taught hundreds of clients how to make successful decsions about their careers, how to stay balanced and healthy for you and the relationship you have. 

• Recognize and develop more intuitive gifts as we break through old patterns and improve wellness and self care. 

• Improve trusting insights, learn when they are speaking to you with heart and mind coherence.

• Tap into unlimited gifts working for you.


Over the next 3 months we'll discover emotional health and healing to move forward

• See the benefits and feel how you accelerate feeling good,  intuitive clarity and forward-thinking

• Creating new solutions to collaobrate with your team without stressing you

• 2  hoslistic health analysis during our time together

Health & Wellness Programs

  • "This has been the most amazing development class I've ever been through.  The world would be a better place for it. Rhonda makes this my number one top finds. These are skills everyone must develop to make life easier, profitable and cut through nonsense that takes up so much of my time and illness. Not anymore, my team is efficient and keeps me ever so happy with results I get. What I have learned superseds any personal development courses I've gone through. There have been many over the last 15 years.

    I love her comfortable fun way to guide you to trust in yourself so there is no more doubt!  Ideas will come to you and OMG are they terrific!"  

    Katherine Burgdoerff   Technology Specialist

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