Calm the body and transition into a higher state of awareness moving forward. Five essential oils create a spicy citrus aroma to balance and calm the central nervous system. Open to receive your Soul's higher state of consciousness to receive messages and inspirations removes metals to enhance memory.

11th Chakra Halmard is the higher gateway of pineal and pituitary activities. Health Benefits / Halmard oils • improve immune system • calms nervous system • calm anxiousness • depression relief • improves energy.

Memory Boost

SKU: mard17
Halmard Body Nutrient
  • •    Opens the door to Divine inspiration
    •    Renews life-changing ability
    •    Key to mastery of the soul’s purpose
    •    Allows you to recognize your soul’s purpose in daily life
    •    Reveals the unity of the spirit in all aspects of creation
    •   Discloses how all of creation will contribute to your choices that bring about positive change 

    “The Essentials of Being.” on Amazon

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