Benefits 3rd Chakra Energy Center 

Siah - kidney, bladder, release stones, improve urinary health. 

• Immune system support

• Renews mental clarity and wisdom

• Storehouse of abundant energy

• Clear negativity you may pick up

• Support congestion in sinusus

Siah assist the spleen to replenish nutrients for vitality in a healthy immune system. 

Can be used on childrens feet at night and before school to keep colds away.

Use on feet and body to assist edema

Ensures immune support to ward off nasty colds and viruses

Kidney Support

2.oz bottle
  • Apply two sprays over arms, legs, and torso while damp for fast absorption of nutrients. Apply to the soles of the feet before bed for a good nights rest.

    Colds, flu,  use before  hospital visits to keep bacteria and viruses away.  Keep out of direct sunlight.

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