Assist the 9th energy center called Vimahn. Cardiac muscles form the heart. The beating of the heart is maintained by the cardiac pacemaker which is a small piece of tissue made up of nerve and muscle cells located in the wall of the right auricle. Vimahn assist in the regulation and recognizing your clearest path.


Helps to manifest our dreams by maintaining our focus
•    Reveals clearest path of action
•    Recognizes the Divine purpose in all physical action, choice 
and experience. Good for gaining trust with vision or dreams


Intuitive Vison

Vi-mahn Body Oil
  • Apply two sprays over arms, legs and torso while damp for fast absoption of body oils. It helps to use enough product for healthy benefits and no waste. Apply to the souls of the feet before bed for a good nights rest.


    Keep out of direct sunlight.

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