Stone Mortar and Pestle
 Healing Art Services
 Wisdom traditions invite you to relax and rejuvinate.

Access Consciousness 

Are negative thought patterns, or that endless mental chatter keeping you awake at night? Release disharmony, anxiety, and stress in your brain and make room for the return of calm relaxation to restore clarity to a healthy mind and body. A holistic reset for the body.

 Ayurvedic Nourishing Facial Glow

Increase your glow with Ayurveda’s Kesaradi Oil nourishing flower elixirs to release impurities and aging skin. Relax while indulging in 84 minerals releasing negative ions that stimulate the face with lymphatic massage and ancient bronze techniques.

 Chakra Alignment

Aligning vital energy expands new instructions for the body for optimal health. Clarity becomes normal to empower inner unity. 

Divine Mind Access 

Gaining clarity to your true purpose when you tap into your Akash.

Tap into a deeply relaxed state to open your soul to wisdom from your spirit. Past, Present, Parallel, or Future often show up to bring you guidance and direction for the present.

aromatherapy combo warm stones

Popular Meridian Therapy and deeper comprehensive sound therapy with salt and healing stones purify, relax and renew life force energy. Combine Pink Himalayan Salt stones to enrich the deep penetration of 84 minerals. 

  • Improves circulation.

  • Promotes healthy blood sugar.

  • Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses.

Nutritional Analysis

 Nutritional support for alkalizing the body. Which vitamins and minerals do your body require for optimal health, wellbeing, and prevention. Homeopathy is fast-acting and gentle.

Self-Care wellness programs

Knowing your nutritional intake and output brings peace of mind to you and your whole family.  A complete analysis is given for nutritional needs that balance you and your families health. 

Intuitive Development

Expand your visionary and intuitive skills.  Tap into infinite intelligence and access your core talents to fulfill your destiny with brilliant  outcomes. 1-3 month Zoom

Energy / Meridian /Lymphatic Massage

During your massage, problem areas will be stimulated to increase circulation and release toxic heat, stagnant energy, and lymph fluid.
An ideal treatment for rejuvenating and restoring the balance of energy. Lifeforce alignment of 12 meridians 

Reflexology & Packages

Rejuvenate 72,000 nerve endings to improve vital circulation. Aromatherapy foot bath, sound therapy and heated salt stones to detox and reset the body's Life Force.


Transforming your life, career and relationships. Moving into a higher state of creativity for inspiration and positive choices bring you make changes you desire with ease and grace to thrive.


Restore and improve mind-body coherence. Individual and group sessions twice a month. Finding your way into inspirations and truth. Private Zoom Calls / outdoor venue