Head Massage

Access Consciousness Clearing

Potent tools to activate change and the willingness to be more. What contribution are you willing to be to create your future? Acknowledging your skills and the ability to be present in your life without judgment of you or anyone else. Life-Changing Release-Anxiety, PTS, OCD, Stress, Pain

"A modality that allows people to see what they have chosen that is keeping them stuck and not moving in their life, their job or their abilities."

                                                                                               - Gary Douglas




Chakra Clearing & Balance

Chakra residue will release to another chakra like a screen full of lent air can't flow through.  Chakra Balance and Clearing is very powerful and generally takes 7-14 days to clear built-up residue. Life-giving signals help reset the mind and body to connect to every cell in your body. Clarity, relaxed stress-free and sleep return. 

• aliments

• anxiety 

• digestive issues

• more energy                                                                                                                                                                        

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 Sound Therapy

Alignment happens with sounds balancing the whole of you with the Earth and Love frequency. It releases everything that's not creating a healthy balance. 

• unresolved  

• traumas

• gain clear insight

• feel good 

• feel amazing

Hot Stone Massage

Energy Clearing/warm stones 

Relaxing sound therapy and restorative stones help detox and purify. Pink Himalayan Salt stones enrich the body with 84 minerals. Sound therapy /Aromatherapy footbath included.


  • Replenish exerted nervous system

  • Support respiratory and sinuses.

  • Deep relaxation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Back Massage

Meridian Treatment

The standard for increasing Chi or Prana throughout the body is to increase the life force. Chi - the life force that supports emotional or physical challenges. The energy flow affects how we feel, think, and the overall condition of our health. You have magical intelligence ready to activate and repair. 


Rebalance and tap into your reserve energy for sleep. Reduce inflammation and pain.                                                                                      

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Homeopathy /Nutritional Analysis

What is essential right now for your health and ideal energy and immune system. 

72 individual substances such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. life-Therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing.


Analysis of :

• Amino acids and                                                

• Bach Flower Remedies                  

Dr. Schuessler Cell Salts                                         

• Meridians & Organs

• Materia Medica                                                                                                                                                                                        60 mins


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Alternative medicine involves the diagnosis of body ailments through the examination of the iris and sclera of the human eye.

Non-invasive advanced analysis of the iris of each eye provides an assessment of your relative state of health as well as recommendations based on the findings. 


Iridology isn't used to diagnose any specific disease; but it can be used to discover possible vulnerabilities or weaknesses in all major organs of the body, including the heart, lungs, brain, and kidney.



Massage Stones

Gift Packages

Signature body therapies of herbs and flower essentials. Rejuvenate Sound therapy and heated salt stones improve the body's ability to enhance wellness and luxurious calm. 

• One take home Essential Body Nutrient 

• Choose two therapies 

• Aromatherapy Foot Bath and reflexology

 • Sound Therapy tuning forks

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Calm the mind, tap into infinite intelligence, and access your core skills and gifts with peaceful knowing for 2022. 

Two sessions initiate self-care practice    Zoom or in-person           

Call for details on beginning sessions for April.