Stone Mortar and Pestle
 Healing Art Services
Spring cleansing programs for the mind-body and soul

Access Consciousness 

Preventative and restorative health create peace and wellbeing naturally. Release old patterns, remove physical/mental stress and anxiety. We access your reset button to restore energy. Invite yourself to a new awareness, and recreate your life with ease and optimal health.

Alignment Skin Essentials

Increase oxygen at the cellular level naturally while nourishing your skin's elasticity. Nutritional oils and seaweed collagen improve skin. 

 Chakra Alignment

Empower your wellbeing, renewing your spirit. 

An ancient practice that helps clarity and inner unity for your best self.

Divine Mind Access 

Gaining the clarity you want for the important next steps in life.

No stress answers to what you are seeking to make valuable changes. Tap into a deep relaxed state to unlock the subconscious mind for your answers.

Meridian Massage/

aromatherapy/warm stones

Opens the life force - supports energy flow and myofascial release. Cupping may also be used. Highly recommended a month after Access Conciousness session.

Nutritional Analysis

Pre-diabetic, blotting, low energy?  Release acute pain, inflammation, migraines & fibromyalgia. Heavy metal detox and nutritional support for alkalizing the body. Which vitamins and minerals do your body require for optimal health, wellbeing, and prevention. Homeopathy is fast-acting and gentle.

Self-Care wellness programs

Complete pure foods and the highest nutrition can now be analyzed for your health and wellbeing. Hallái's healing system takes the guesswork out of what balances the body-mind connection. We offer guidance for healthy alternative renewable energy for the mind and body.

Intuitive Development

Expand your visionary and intuitive skills.  Tap into infinite intelligence and access your skilled talents to fulfill your passion with the best best outcomes.

Energy / Meridian /Lymphatic Massage

During your massage, problem areas will be stimulated to increase circulation and release toxic heat, stagnant energy, and lymph fluid.
An ideal treatment for rejuvenating and restoring the balance of energy. Lifeforce alignment of 12 meridians 

Reflexology & Packages

Stimulate and reset over 72,000 nerve endings that clear blockage and improve circulation. Your feet are your best friend, so remember how valuable they are to the rest of your mind and body. 

Empowerment Life Coaching

Chakra clearing

Self-transformation for life and career changes. Moving into a higher state of creativity for inspiration and positive choices that help you thrive with clarity.


Restore and improve mind-body coherence. Individual and group sessions twice a month. Finding your way into inspirations and truth. Private Zoom Calls