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Soul Creation

alignment & Frequency Matching

Grace vs. Crisis 

Saturday, Feb, 6 11:00 AM 


As we enter into a changing season, it is time to gather all that does not serve you, cast it aside, clear fears, old anger and clear them away, for they do not feed the new growth that you shall be receiving this year. A year of a massive clearing and reset on multiple levels. 


2021 ushers in the 5th Chakra Baylahr!  A year to recognize the guiding force of inner wisdom and intuition.  It's wisdom that holds you accountable to become your highest enlightened unlimited self. 

As the light increases upon the face of the Earth, not only from the sun, but also from the sun within you, it brings forth Joy, and brings forth a great change!

What's frequency matching and how to use it?

Use Baylahr/ Halmard Chakra Energy to inspire.